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Marni Heffron, P.E., P.T.O.E. -
Principal & President
206-523-3939   fax 206-523-4949

Marni founded Heffron Transportation, Inc. in 1995 and has provided transportation planning and engineering consulting since 1985. She leads the firmís strategic and policy planning practice and also oversees major transportation studies. Marni works on all types of projects including planning and engineering for development projects, port facilities, freight and intermodal transportation, area-wide transportation plans, and roadway corridors. She often assists design teams with determining street configurations, site layouts, pedestrian improvements, parking needs, and transportation management programs. Marni is known as one of the regionís foremost freight experts and is called upon to support negotiations and mediations
for transportation-related disputes.

Marni is a Professional Civil Engineer licensed in Washington State and a certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree
in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington where she focused on transportation. Marni is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the Transportation Research Board, and the Women's Transportation Seminar.
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