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Heffron Transportation has performed transportation analysis to support major corridor improvement projects. These have included preparation of transportation discipline reports and Interchange Justification Reports (IJR). Often, the firm provides specialized studies related to freight transportation improvements. Representative projects are:

  • FAST Corridor Evaluation
  • SR 167 Corridor Plan, Freight and Goods Element
  • I-5 Columbia River Crossing Bridge Replacement Freight and Goods Element  more>>
  • I-5 Pavement Reconstruction Project — Northgate to the Boeing Access Road
  • Tacoma Narrows Bridge — 24th Street Ramp Analysis   more>>
  • SR 20 Sharpes Corner to SR 536
  • SR 509 Freight Mobility Study
  • SR 542 Improvement Project — Orleans Street to Britton Road
  • South Ballard Transportation Corridor Study
  • East Marginal Way Grade-Separation Project
  • Lincoln Avenue Grade-Separation Project
  • Seattle 1st Avenue S Corridor Study
  • Duwamish River Bridge Replacement Project
  • I-5 Widening Lewis County
  • Tumwater Capital Boulevard Access Study
  • Seattle N 85th Street Corridor Study
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