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Heffron Transportation is known as one of the foremost freight transportation experts in the State of Washington. The firm has specialized expertise in freight mobility planning, with particular emphasis in truck mobility and land-side access for ports. The firm has performed all types of analysis from broad policy studies to detailed operations analyses. Representative projects are:

  • FAST Corridor Evaluation   more>>
  • WSDOT Freight Efficiency Study
  • Washington State Transportation Plan Update — Assist with Freight Element
  • Interstate 5 Corridor from Boeing Access Road to Northgate — Freight Element
  • Interstate 5 Corridor Study, Lewis County — Freight Element
  • I-5 Columbia River Crossing Bridge Replacement Freight and Goods Element  more>>
  • SR 167 Corridor Study — Freight Element
  • SR 509 Freight Mobility Study; WSDOT
  • SR 509 Trucking Industry Workshop; WSDOT
  • FASTrucks Study; WSDOT
  • Container Terminal Access Study Update; Port of Seattle   more>>
  • East Marginal Way Grade-Separation Project: Port of Seattle
  • East Blair Container Terminals; Port of Tacoma
  • Ballard Interbay Northend Manufacturing and Industrial Center Plan; City of Seattle
  • South Ballard Transportation Corridor Study; City of Seattle
  • New General Cargo Terminal Schematic Design; Port of Tacoma
  • Tideflats Transportation Planning; Port of Tacoma
  • Terminal 18 Improvement Project — Master Plan and EIS; Port of Seattle
  • Terminal 46 Master Plan; Port of Seattle
  • Marine and Rail Terminal Truck Gate Benchmarking Study; Port of Seattle
  • Safeway Distribution Center Auburn, WA; Safeway, Inc.
  • Access Duwamish; City of Seattle
  • T-30 Cargo Reactivation & Cruise Terminal Relocation EIS; Port of Seattle
  • On-call Consultant to the Manufacturing and Industrial Council of Seattle
  • Lander Street Grade-Separation Type, Size & Location Study; City of Seattle
  • WSDOT Truck Priorities Review, Puget Sound region
  • Seattle Urban Mobility Plan — Freight Study, City of Seattle
  • WSDOT Produce Railcar Program, Eastern Washington
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