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Marni Heffron facilitated a 31-member stakeholder committee and helped develop a consensus recommendation to fix the "Mercer Mess" in Seattle. This process was initiated by the community groups because of ongoing conflicts between various interest groups representing different modes of travel (e.g., trucks versus bikes) and conflicts between representatives of various areas within the corridor (e.g., Uptown and the Seattle Center versus South Lake Union). Marni Heffron helped the group identify key issues to be resolved and then carefully documented recommendations that were supported by all interests. The group presented a Consensus Recommendation to the Mayor, City Council and Seattle Department of Transportation in September 2006. This recommendation included 44 separate project elements for the entire Mercer Corridor between Interstate 5 and Elliott Avenue W, which includes portions of the planned Mercer Corridor Project, the Lowered Aurora Project (part of the Alaskan Way Viaduct project), and a future project on Mercer Street west of 5th Avenue.
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